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Notice from SMT term 3 2021

Dear Parents   Thank you once again for all your support through this unprecedented and challenging time. You will be aware from the recent government announcement that schools will be reopening on the 26th of July 2021 for the 3rd term. As part of our risk assessment, we have agreed that ONLY grade 11 and […]

Water crisis at our school

Every year we sit with this crisis, we are aware that we a water scares country but it is difficult especially for our hostels. This happened again in March 2021 and we were sent home for 2 weeks, we were given assisgnements and home work. when we came back we didn’t even revise we just […]

Bumbi Exhibition 2021

The Bumbi’ngomso exhibition On the 15th of April , on Thursday. we had an exhibition that was done by the Bumbi’ngomso campaign. The Bumbi’ngomso campaign is all about building sisterhood , it involves girls and it is basically a session between girls and women only. It is very fun, interesting and therapeutic. They get to […]

The return of Mr Mnqoba

The returning of our principal : Mr Mnqoba On the 16th of April 2021 on a Friday , when our principal returned. The staff and the pupils were at the assembly when this was announced. ” As a school we’ve been through alot and as a team we shall surrender, we will be back on […]

School cameras 2021

The new school year has come with a much needed upgrade to the school security system. Surveillance cameras were installed in strategic places in and around the school, all 3 computer labs were also fitted with cameras. The new system was installed on the 17th and 18th February  2021 at the school as well as […]

Welcome to 2021

17 February 2021   On behalf of the faculty of St Matthews we would like welcome all back to 2021 and wish all a prosperous 2021. Since the start of this school year, educators, management, SGB was hard at work to allocate work for educators, analyzing the 2020 results, time tables and preparation of the […]

Grade 12 Motivation 2020

The grade 12 pupils had a motivational session in the school hall. They were motivated by ms Monki Gabshane. I her motivational word she said: many challenges faces the class of 2020, but this is the time to focus and put aside all that worries us and work hard as success is knocking on the […]

New Lab for Our School

On the 20th October 2020, an exciting new project initiated and spearheaded by Miss Damoyi with the backing of our Principal Mrs Mancoko and our SGB has finally come to fruition at St Matthew’s High school. It is with great pride to announce that our school now has got 3 computer labs with 96 fully […]

In Loving Memory of Mr Nanginsimbi

In loving memory of St Matthews High School principal Mr Nangintsimbi We ache with his passing knowing the role he played in building ties within the St Matthew’s family. A legend, a historian, a man of integrity full of wisdom and character, a humble man full of love, strength and encouragement to us. In life […]