LRC Representatives 2021

At the beginning of the year St Matthew’s High school learners had to elect their LRC representatives. This seemingly simple project took longer to organize due to the COVID Regulations that meant the learner could not all be at school at the same time. Eventually everything was organized and we were all able to vote. We elected for LRC President Likho Ngemtu,  for the first time we have 2 Deputy Presidents,Sipumeze Mkuli and Lisakhanya Gadu. The three of them had to deliver speeches talking about their main aims for the school. Now, the question is, ” Are they willing to make history? ” Well, their actions will have to prove that.


Likho Ngemtu said ” My main focus about this school are three Rs which are reach, respect and relationship. Going to relationship, it is literally one of my first priorities will be to create opportunities for everyone to display their skills and talents. Secondly I would like to create an atmosphere of respect in classrooms. Thirdly let us strive to reach our full potential. ” Now from my knowledge quoting and listening attentively to what the school president was addressing to the pupils I believe that he is trying to brief us about the key aspects, actually the important things or the basics of what makes a school perfect and recognizable which is : discipline. Such powerful words by our president.

Sipumeze Mkuli , the Vice President of the school. She basically gave us the definition of her name and she ought to believe that her name carries leadership, indicates aspects of destiny and luck, evokes cheerfulness and shrewdness, also willing to reap and to soar. Such a scarce thing to do while presenting a speech was when she used a couple of Xhosa words which is good but also unique and  rare. She said this, I quote, ” Ukuze siphumelele, simele sikulungele ukuncama izinto ezithile ukuze siphumeze izigqibo zethu. ” Her main focus for the school was characteristics and qualities of being a student / candidate, she illustrated this by means of using a pencil as an example. Which a the five qualities of a pencil, she said. In those qualities she involved God, also a pencil always leaves a mark, a pencil that is not a wooden exterior but the graphic insight so meaning being humble and respecting the learners and teachers is what matters lastly she involved mistakes that a pencil can be erased meaning you can learn from your mistakes. It was indeed a powerful speech because she involved characteristics, challenges and life lessons which is what we face each and everyday.

Last but not least , Lisakhanya Gadu the Vice President who will be in charge when it comes to the school hostel, hostel dwellers and so on. Basically everything that has to do with the school hostel. Ms Gadu talked mainly about creating history in our school not just the school but making history in our country in the next years as black children. I quote, ” My main focus is to change St Matthew’s High school into the best vision of itself which education, sports and discipline, actually changing many narratives. Firstly the narrative of thinking that we as black children are inadequate. Secondly thinking that our success is limited and knowing change is indeed a difficult transition. As an individual I believe we can push and actualize what we want to achieve as pupils and also as a school premises by never giving up. At the end of the day it’s all about believing and making decisions now in that, that is what I believe as Vice President ” By observing and listening to her speech I take a very tenacious and fearless young lady. That was unique and enticing speech.

Annual prize giving 2021

Our annual prize giving was an memorable event this year, we celebrated all our top achievers and ended our service with a special prayer service for our grade 12 learners.

We would like to thank Sanga from Sifunda Kunye and Sifunda Kunye drama learners for making this event spectacular.

Natasha Mpondo – Sifunda Kunye newsletter club


Nathasa Mpondo is part of our Sifunda Kunye newsletter club, she is an inspiring writer and  always encourages our learners at assembly  and events. She is courage and hard working. Thank you for being part of our newsletter team.

Siyandisa Scholarship 2021


Introducing Likho Mbuka, all the way from St. Matthew’s High School (Keiskammahoek, SA) in the Eastern Cape.

Wits – University of the Witwatersrand you have another Siyandisa Foundation 2021 Scholarship Recipient on the horizon. This enthusiastic 17 year old scholar has his sights set on becoming an Economist and is looking to pursue a B.Com degree in Economics in 2022.

“I believe that one’s future success should not be determined by background’ says Likho, whose dream is to set a high standard for young people in his community. Likho also shares that his mother and grandmother are his greatest source of support and making them proud is what he aims for.

We couldn’t agree more with your quote Likho and we will have you know that we are proud of you. Well done and keep up the good work, it will pay off!

#Siyandisascholarships #classof2021 #wecelebrateyou

Thank you for always keeping us connected!


St Matthews high school and Sifunda Kunye would like to thank Wesley for always assisting our school with wi-fi or any computer/server related problems.

During the past weekend Wesley and Sifunda Kunye project manager Zander Hampson did maintenance on signal strength and replaced all damaged network points.

Thank you to Wesley and Zander for always being there to ensure we are connected.

Notice from SMT term 3 2021

Dear Parents


Thank you once again for all your support through this unprecedented and challenging time.

You will be aware from the recent government announcement that schools will be reopening on the 26th of July 2021 for the 3rd term.

As part of our risk assessment, we have agreed that ONLY grade 11 and 12 are to report at the stipulated date and grade 8,9 and 10 are to join us on the 2nd of August 2021

Hostel dwellers are to arrive on Sunday the 25th no later than 17h00.

The water crisis still persists but we are doing everything in our power to try and bring a permanent solution to the problem though not easy.

Kindly assist by educating our learners on the importance of social distancing and wearing of masks, as well as making them aware of the benefits of handwashing.

We will further inform you should there be any changes  to the above


Thank you


Water crisis at our school

Every year we sit with this crisis, we are aware that we a water scares country but it is difficult especially for our hostels.

This happened again in March 2021 and we were sent home for 2 weeks, we were given assisgnements and home work.

when we came back we didn’t even revise we just wrote our term 1 exams / controlled tests, there was no time to get tuition from our educators or even a glimpse because the time to write exam or controlled tests was around the corner. If we weren’t taught something, we wrote two or three major subjects in one day, some could not even study all the subjects at the same time because they were behind, in order for the learner that was behind to understand something they have to be taught by fellow  pupils.

This water crisis that happens every year in our school holds a very bad impact and that is bad for our school. As a learner I advise the school to demand answers and feedback from the Department of Education,.

If we don’t take action  as a school, our school will always be behind in terms of tuition.


Authoress : Natasha Mpondo



Bumbi Exhibition 2021

The Bumbi’ngomso exhibition

On the 15th of April , on Thursday. we had an exhibition that was done by the Bumbi’ngomso campaign. The Bumbi’ngomso campaign is all about building sisterhood , it involves girls and it is basically a session between girls and women only. It is very fun, interesting and therapeutic. They get to teach us everything about girls and we get the right to ask questions in order to know about ourselves as ‘girls’. The theme that day was Intro to I ” that means we get to talk about everything that happens to us young girls, the good and the bad.

The Bumbi’ngomso campaign workers introduced themselves and told us about the theme. There was music in order for us to feel comfortable before we start the session. After 10 minutes the real deal we came there for, started. We were grouped into 30s.

Important things we heard while we were having the session and we got to present. Each presenter had five minutes to present that was a bit hectic but we had fun at the same time. I was one of the presenters, I actually did perfectly, but I was panicking also chilled at the same time, cliché”. The participants which are the scribes and presenters of each group got special rewards and the rest of the girls was given Bumbi’ngomso backpacks witch included; Bumbi’ngomso magazine called the Yaka Magazine and’ sanitary pads. We were also told as participants to start the Bumbi’ngomso clubs of ten girls at our school and when we’ve progressed with these groups they will visit our school again.


When the exhibition ended we were given some snacks.

I enjoyed and I learnt a lot from that exhibition, all the girls that attended agreed, we had fun, we were educated, it was therapeutic and quite emotional exhibition.


All in all we learnt alot from the Bumbi’ngomso exhibition, We learned valuable life lessons that we go through as girls in life.

I believe that Black Girls will always strive for success. We are queens, usually called iimbokodo ( rocks ) and we havevoic es and leadership skills, We can lead!

Written by: Natasha Mpondo


The return of Mr Mnqoba

The returning of our principal : Mr Mnqoba

On the 16th of April 2021 on a Friday , when our principal returned. The staff and the pupils were at the assembly when this was announced. ” As a school we’ve been through alot and as a team we shall surrender, we will be back on our feet once again “that was said by Miss Blom , encouraging, realistic and solid words said by one of our teachers. That made me realize there’ll really be a change in our school. After Miss Blom gave us a glimpse of what the announcement will be about, our principal said some encouraging words and what his vision about school is. One of the words I remember that were said by Mr Mnqoba were that our school will be back on its feet once again and we’ll get our dignity back only if we work together as a team. I liked how the school pupils welcomed him and I keep reminiscing everything that happened that day, it was such a precious moment especially for us school pupils. What I learnt that day was that in life there are ups and downs and as a school we’ve through the downs now its time to be on our ups! Let St Matthew’s High school be the school that was known for the 100 percent pass rate once again, let it be a school full of historical moments and dignified students together with a dignified school staff. As a school that is our goal


and it is very compulsory for us to make that goal happen.

As a school we are ready, we are ready to make history in our province. We are one of the schools in the province that were known for a 100 percent pass rate, lets bring that back. My vow to you guys is that I will make sure that happens as you all know there’s an African leader who is the person that is known for good leadership skills and receives awards for good leadership that is, Amica Cabrau everything she touches turns into gold. She makes sure everything goes according to plan and I will do exactly that. Said by our principal, Mr Mnqoba. Such educational and encouraging words, he really does have the good characteristics of leading even by the person he looks up to as a person you can


The time has come, i repeat the time has come for our school to be back on its feet once again! We welcome our principal.

Authoress : Natasha Mpondo


Sifunda Kunye community reading club facilitators 2021

Welcome to  our Sifunda Kunye reading club facilitators for 2021. These young ladies are our facilitator volunteers for our community reading club  at our center on weekends. The young ladies are dedicate, trained and very excited to be part of this initiative at school. The ladies was shadowed by our facilitators for 2020 during term 1, we are excited to see these ladies in action in term 2.