Honorable deed by our Education district official Mr Stamper

On the 17th of January 2020, the district education official Mr Stamper visited our school.

During his visit he donated financial assistance towards buying school shirts for one of our learners.

We would like to thank Mr Stamper for his honorable donation in assisting this young man.


Ms Nolitha Mancoko – Deputy Principal

My name is Nolitha Mancoko, I am originally from Balasi Location near Bisho but I now reside in King Williams Town with my family. I am married with two sons, Intle who is 19 years old and is currently studying Law at the University of Fort Hare in East London. My Last born Kamva, whom is 15 years old doing grade 10 at Grame College in Grahamstown.

I studied my high school at Saint Matthew’s High School and finished in 1985. I went on to study at Lennox Sebe College of Education for a Senior Teacher’s Diploma majoring in Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

In 1989, I started teaching at Mpumzi Junior Secondary school in Middledrift, I decided to further my studies whilst working. I managed to obtain my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Fort Hare, I majored in Economics, Business Economics and Industrial Psychology.

In 1990, I worked at Siyazama High school and in 1994 I became a senior teacher. In 2006 I obtained my Bachelor of Education Honors Degree from Rhodes University, majored in Management and Mathematics education.

In 2008, I was transferred to Hector Peterson High school, where I taught Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy. I was fortunate enough to be elected as part of Management, first as an Acting Head of Department then later I was offered the post. I also started doing my Masters Degree at the University of Fort Hare but unfortunately I could not finish because of health reasons.

In the month of May 2019, I became a Deputy Principal at Saint Matthews High school, I am so very happy that I have returned to my high school after so many years as student. I am a hardworking person hoping to put my school on the map of performing schools. I believe in quality results

Amatole Water

Last year St Matthews high school faced quiet a few problems/troubling reports one of which was the water crisis, which saw many of our students being hospitalized. The cause of the hospitalization was suspected to be from drinking contaminated water.

Amatole Water then offered to assist the Amahlathi Municipality with handling the issue with our water, in the process Amathole Water decided to install a remote office on the school grounds as this would offer faster response when then having to call and wait for them to get to the school.

The office is equip t with a LAB so that they can test the water on site regularly, the is a Site Manager by the name Nomfundo Kekezwa available from 8:00am till 4:00pm. The school was able to offer her a room in of the houses that our teacher reside in so that in a way she is closely available if needed.

Sifunda Kunye Writing Camp 2019.


During the weekend of the 23-25 August 2019, learners from five of Sifunda Kunye schools attended the annual writing camp at Sifunda Kunye literacy center at St Matthews High School in Keiskammahoek.

This year the theme/topic to write about was UBUNTU. Learners was  preparing for this weekend before they arrived at the camp.

The weekend was a huge success! The learners all completed their writing with inspiration from their peers , facilitators and quest speakers.

We would like to thank all that made this weekend possible.

We acknowledge our funder Mr Andrew Summers for making this weekend possible.



Top Achievers

At St Matthew’s High School, we have got our top achievers, those amongst us that work the hardest and out-perform the rest. In third place is Chwayita Xhatana whom is doing grade 10, second place is Siphumeze Mkuli doing grade 10, and our number one Academic achiever is Siphelele Ulana.

We interviewed all three achievers first on our list was Chwayita Xhatana, she told us she felt inspired and has more power to do more than she did last year. She would also like other students to follow in her foot-steps and possibly do more than her. The key to her success is sticking to her books and being a hard worker.

Next on the list we have Siphumeze Mkuli, when we asked how she feels about being our second best academic achiever, she told us that she feels really blessed and honoured, and thankful to God that she achieved so much last year. It was something she didn’t expect. She would also like to inspire our next generation to go for what they want and aim high no matter how hard it may seem because in the end you will achieve something. She also said not to wait to do something but do it now while you’re thinking about it because we don’t know what tomorrow brings.

Last but not least we then spoke to our number one spot holder Siphelele Ulana.   When asked how he felt about being the Top Academic Achiever in 2018 he told us it was a shock to hear his name called during the assembly as the top achiever, it was also a proud moment that he hopes to achieve again.


Written by Maliti Ayakha and Asemahle Plaatjie

Welcome 2019

Wow! what an amazing day, it was a day to be remembered because I finally got to see my friends. Everyone had a smile on their faces except some of the new Grade 8s. I was so over joyed to be a grade 9 learner. we went to a welcoming ceremony at the school church. We arrived at the church and sat down then one of our teachers stood and welcomed us with an encouraging and inspiring message. Then our lovely choir sang for us and the song was so nice that I even sang along with them. The message that we got from the teachers, pastor and our principal was so motivating. What I took away from it was that I should work hard and look forward to every opportunity and even challenges that come my way. The best thing was that we should not give up on anything because of what people say about you because that can destroy your confidence. Also know what you want in life don’t depend on other people’s things, have your own things and focus on your studies to make yourself and your parents proud.




Written by Awonke Mamay