School cameras 2021

The new school year has come with a much needed upgrade to the school security system. Surveillance cameras were installed in strategic places in and around the school, all 3 computer labs were also fitted with cameras. The new system was installed on the 17th and 18th February  2021 at the school as well as the hostels. This new system is sure to boost parents confidents in the school’s promise to ensure their kids safety when in school and after school for the hostel dwellers.

Welcome to 2021

17 February 2021


On behalf of the faculty of St Matthews we would like welcome all back to 2021 and wish all a prosperous 2021.

Since the start of this school year, educators, management, SGB was hard at work to allocate work for educators, analyzing the 2020 results, time tables and preparation of the the curriculum for each educator. We are proud to say that the planning of the returning of learners was successful and the learners was welcomed and teaching started on the 15/02/2021.

The hostel was cleaned and all learners welcomed to hostels on the 14/02/2021. The capacity of our hostels is 300, 100 at Wadell and 200 at Cullen. Unfortunately the issue of COVID19 has meant that we could not take learners to full capacity this term.

On our first  day we welcomed back grade 12,11 and welcomed our new grade 8 classes.

Attendance was appreciative as it is on 394 learners. Learners welcomed, we couldn’t assemble them in one place due to COVID but we welcomed them class by class then welcome all the grade 8 in our school.


Grade 12 Motivation 2020

The grade 12 pupils had a motivational session in the school hall. They were motivated by ms Monki Gabshane. I her motivational word she said: many challenges faces the class of 2020, but this is the time to focus and put aside all that worries us and work hard as success is knocking on the door. We leave no one behind as the class of 2020 and work towards a 100 % pass rate.

Keep going !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Lab for Our School

On the 20th October 2020, an exciting new project initiated and spearheaded by Miss Damoyi with the backing of our Principal Mrs Mancoko and our SGB has finally come to fruition at St Matthew’s High school. It is with great pride to announce that our school now has got 3 computer labs with 96 fully operating computers.

The construction of this new lab was not an easy task to take up as money for such a big project was not easy to come by but seeing the need for a back-up lab for when we experience unforeseen technical faults with the 2 existing SIFUNDA Labs during exams, Ms Damoyi made it clear building the lab would not be wasteful venture but rather a smart move. With CAT students being above 50 and the numbers looking to rise next year, the extra lab would be needed during exams as the Department requests a backup plan during national exams. Also with the pandemic forcing social distancing a third lab was a must for the school.

The construction of the new lab start on the 14th October with Ms Damoyi and Miss Booi working closely with the guys constructing everything, the main objective was to have the computers up and running before the Final exam for Grade 12 and they succeeded in that goal as the 3rd lab was also used yesterday by the grade 12 CAT students for exams

By Ziyanda Thompson—Lab facilitator

In Loving Memory of Mr Nanginsimbi

In loving memory of St Matthews High School principal Mr Nangintsimbi

We ache with his passing knowing the role he played in building ties within the St Matthew’s family. A legend, a historian, a man of integrity full of wisdom and character, a humble man full of love, strength and encouragement to us. In life and now death, you wouldn’t want us to focus on the sadness and sorrow but to continue to love and support each other no matter the situation.

Your warm smile taught us that love reigns supreme. This is what those who were fortunate enough to know you will remember you by. You referred to all of us by our clan names and that we have adopted. But . . . no matter how skillful a teacher/ principal and administrator he was . . . no matter how patient and how kind he was with us . . . no matter how much energy he put into making us the best readers we could possibly be (as we sometimes consulted our dictionaries because of his good command of the language English) . . . Mr. S C Nyangintsimbi touched some of our hearts in very special ways that we can never, ever accurately or fully explain with the mere tools of these earthly written words . . . . only a heavenly based language is capable of conveying that message . . .

Rest easy Gambu, Memela, Msuthu, Nontuli, Ngwekazi!!!!

LRC Elections 2020

Term 1 2020 News Updates

School Improvements

When schools opened we as the staff we pleasantly surprised to walk into the front of the Administrative offices and see that the front entrance had been freshly painted and the tiles were spotless, we were later informed that the SGB over the December holidays had been busy not only with hostel renovations but they had also done some work at the school as well.

Aside from painting the administration office and thoroughly cleaning the offices and scraping the black marks from the tiles, they also attended to the classrooms by fixing the fallen and broken doors and cleaning the classes as well as the school yard.

Written by Z. Thompson

Social Clubs

It is all about uplifting social clubs at our school. When we say we’re uplifting it’s basically about grooming. It started with the DEBATING CLUB that is headed by the English Department teachers Miss Nangu and Miss Nzwathi. The debating club hosted an event at the St Matthew’s Tebra Hall, it was an intra-school tournament, meaning St Matthews pupils were debating against each other. This was a first-hand learning opportunity for the learners who were new in the Debating club.

We got debate and discuss things that are happening around the world and also local issues as well. Our debating motions gave the audience interest to listen and the way we were doing this was very professional. The audience gave us the discipline and respect we needed. Fellow learners in attendance got to take away from the experience interesting information from us. That a tremendously exciting and productive day. Those who cannot put their thoughts on ice should not enter into the heat of debating.

As Mr Albert Einstein said “the only source of knowledge is the experience.” So in order for us to gain knowledge we have to experience many things, so that our sense of thinking develops too.

Written by Natasha Mpondo

Cutting Down and Removal of Trees

In February the SGB began another big project of cutting trees which was sparked by the outcry from the parents of learners who said the many trees surrounding the school premises was not only dirtying the school but also posed a possible danger to learner safety as it provided cover for the learners to be ambushed by robbers or whoever wanted to cause them harm.

This led the SGB to hastily acquire a contractor to cut down some of the crowded areas, and remove the cut down trees as well clean up the area.

Written by Z. Thompson

Hostel Renovations 2019