Welcome 2019

Wow! what an amazing day, it was a day to be remembered because I finally got to see my friends. Everyone had a smile on their faces except some of the new Grade 8s. I was so over joyed to be a grade 9 learner. we went to a welcoming ceremony at the school church. We arrived at the church and sat down then one of our teachers stood and welcomed us with an encouraging and inspiring message. Then our lovely choir sang for us and the song was so nice that I even sang along with them. The message that we got from the teachers, pastor and our principal was so motivating. What I took away from it was that I should work hard and look forward to every opportunity and even challenges that come my way. The best thing was that we should not give up on anything because of what people say about you because that can destroy your confidence. Also know what you want in life don’t depend on other people’s things, have your own things and focus on your studies to make yourself and your parents proud.




Written by Awonke Mamay



Welcome to Ziyanda Thompson

Getting to know the new Lab Facilitator at St Matthews, Ziyanda Thompson

I grew up in Mdantsane, but moved to Keiskammahoek with my family in 2016. Im currently studying at the University of Fort Hare towards a Bachelor Arts Honours in History,

I was a tutor at Fort Hare Univisertiy  prior to getting this job.  My fondness started when I saw first-hand the struggle of some student with researching assignments and doing basic computer work in University, many of the students has had no prior exposure to computers.

When I heard St Matthews High school was looking for someone to assist learners with computer classes I jumped at the chance because I knew the experience would also benefit me as much as the it would the learners.

On the 4th May 2018, I received the call I had been hoping and praying for, I was selected as Facilitator for CAMI, so I must admit I had no real knowledge or experience with CAMI. What excited me the most was knowing I would be helping educate learners from my village not just with using a computer but also help improving their maths and English as well, thanks to the CAMI software.

I am finding CAMI quite fascinating and helpful and I look forward for it to be incorporated to all schools, as it is not just makes things easier for the learners and for the teachers as well. With a system like it we won’t just be able to pin point the problem areas in real time but it also offers assistance to the learner in the form of speed notes.


Written by Ziyanda Thompson

Motivational Day in King Williams Town

Motivational Day

On 19th of May 2018 all, the schools around Keiskammahoek was invited to attend a motivational programme hosted by the Isipho campaign from King William’s Town. The programme was attended by three schools around Keiskammahoek, St. Matthew’s High School was one of the 3 schools in attendance. The programme took only 3 hours due to late preparations and late coming of the hosts. We had different activities that took place, one activity was about your own goal what you want to achieve in life and what you want to be. The were three hosts in total, each telling us their life story, one story that stood out for me was one told by Aphiwe. Aphiwe told us about the effects of consuming alcohol. How just one glass, his first ever, led to him getting mixed up in a robbery and murder. He told us how he was pressured into drinking by friends and then while drunk his friends decided to rob some people and ended up killing someone, because he was there, he was also arrested, charged and later found guilty of a criminal act. He was sentenced to 20 years, his friends were sentenced to life, and he served 11 years and was paroled. The motivational aspect of his story is that even though he is a parolee he is not letting that fact bring him down instead he is using it for the greater good, by showing the younger generation the possible consequence of alcohol. Altogether everything went well we had lots of fun and learnt a lot.

By Mateta Nomfundo

Grade 12 Farewell

On the 31st of March 2017, grade 12’s celebrated their farewell at Skhenjana Hall in Bisho, Eastern Cape.

Mine Shaft Head Gear

What is a mine shaft?

A mine shaft is a structure used to carry miners and minerals to/from the work level. A mine shaft has structural members that work in different ways. Mine shafts are made out of steel and iron to make them strong.

Members of the mine shaft

Members of the mine shaft have different characteristics. The members are as follows:

Pulley-is used to pull the elevators that carry miners and minerals to/from the work level. In a mine shaft, two pulleys are required. Crank-it’s a pole used to keep a pulley in place whilst the pulley rotates. Rope-this kind of steel rope must be strong in order for it should be able to withstand heavy loads.

Kinds of bracing used in a mine shaft

In order for a mine shaft to remain rigid, the bracing must be cross bracing. This kind of bracing makes the mine shaft rigid.

How important are mine shaft

Mine shafts are important because they bring minerals to the surface which help build up the economy. They carry important minerals to the surface which help sustain the economy.

Where are mine shafts situated?

Mine shafts occur in places which are high in minerals, for example Gauteng and Kimberly. Sometimes they can be seen in television soapies such as Isidingo and Gold diggers.

How do we make the model?

We first make investigations that contain design brief, specifications and constraints. Then we do initial ideas and freehand sketches. Then we make designs that include First Angle Orthographic Projection and Isometric Drawing. It is only then we go to collect the materials and tools to make the model.

By:  Liselihle Majola