Sifunda Kunye Literacy center end year functions 2019


16 November 2019

It was a very exciting day for all our little readers as Santa Clause made a special visit for all our hard working young little readers.

The Sifunda Kunye community reading club assists young readers every Saturday to improve their reading skills and to create a safe, friendly, fun learning environment.

The club focuses to introduce reading in a fun way, through song, dance, group and individual reading sessions.

The club is run by Sifunda Kunye Facilitator Sanga Mabula and assisted by Sifunda Kunye facilitators (Volunteers) from grade 11. The facilitators program for grade 11 is a great way and opportunity for our future leaders to give back and pay it forward.

2019 was over all a very successful year with an average of 100 little readers  attending our Saturday Reading clubs.

On the 16th of November 2019 after our end year Santa Clause visit our well deserving facilitators enjoyed a BBQ with facilitators from Sifunda Kunye partner schools Toise SSS and Xolani Senior Secondary School.

Our school is grateful to Sifunda Kunye Educational project for running and sponsoring this club.

We are looking forward to this literacy club opening early in 2020.

Santa Clause visit to Sifunda Kunye Literacy Center.


Sifunda Kunye Reading Club Facilitators 2019.


Facilitators end year function 2019.

Adventurous Journey 8-10 March 2019.

Adventurous Journey

8-10 March 2019

Participants from Sifunda Kunye partner schools, Toise SSS, St Matthews High School, and  Hendrik Kanise Combined School took part in a 48 km hike during this weekend.

Participants were qualifying for their silver in The Presidents Awards level.


During our arrival at camp it was raining but we were determined to complete our camp and required km to qualify for our silver.

We hiked for 4km during the night walk, the following morning we hiked along the beach for 40 km and on the 3 day we hiked for 6 km.

This was a challenging hike, it rained the entire 3 days and 2 nights, all together it rained 124 mm during our camp, we were wet, tired but determined. We had to work together in teams to survive  the weekend. It took a lot of determination, teamwork, motivation and courage but we concurred and completed what we aimed to achieve.


Top Achievers

At St Matthew’s High School, we have got our top achievers, those amongst us that work the hardest and out-perform the rest. In third place is Chwayita Xhatana whom is doing grade 10, second place is Siphumeze Mkuli doing grade 10, and our number one Academic achiever is Siphelele Ulana.

We interviewed all three achievers first on our list was Chwayita Xhatana, she told us she felt inspired and has more power to do more than she did last year. She would also like other students to follow in her foot-steps and possibly do more than her. The key to her success is sticking to her books and being a hard worker.

Next on the list we have Siphumeze Mkuli, when we asked how she feels about being our second best academic achiever, she told us that she feels really blessed and honoured, and thankful to God that she achieved so much last year. It was something she didn’t expect. She would also like to inspire our next generation to go for what they want and aim high no matter how hard it may seem because in the end you will achieve something. She also said not to wait to do something but do it now while you’re thinking about it because we don’t know what tomorrow brings.

Last but not least we then spoke to our number one spot holder Siphelele Ulana.   When asked how he felt about being the Top Academic Achiever in 2018 he told us it was a shock to hear his name called during the assembly as the top achiever, it was also a proud moment that he hopes to achieve again.


Written by Maliti Ayakha and Asemahle Plaatjie

Bidding Farewell to Mr Adabla

Farewell Mr Adabla

Bidding farewell to a teacher is always hard as words spoken never seem to be enough, saying goodbye is never simple especially to a teacher like you. Even though at times we were naughty with a bad attitude but putting aside a side our mischief and noise, teachers like Mr Adabla are extremely prized and adored, the reason his class was fun is because he always sparked inspiration and interest within us. We hope to see you again Mr Adabla and also that you are having fun at your new school and new post. As you know, we love you and you will always be remembered in our hearts and minds. But you know as they say “teacher’s words are the sparks that light up works of imagination in their students minds”.

Written By Mamayo Awonke


Motivational Day in King Williams Town

Motivational Day

On 19th of May 2018 all, the schools around Keiskammahoek was invited to attend a motivational programme hosted by the Isipho campaign from King William’s Town. The programme was attended by three schools around Keiskammahoek, St. Matthew’s High School was one of the 3 schools in attendance. The programme took only 3 hours due to late preparations and late coming of the hosts. We had different activities that took place, one activity was about your own goal what you want to achieve in life and what you want to be. The were three hosts in total, each telling us their life story, one story that stood out for me was one told by Aphiwe. Aphiwe told us about the effects of consuming alcohol. How just one glass, his first ever, led to him getting mixed up in a robbery and murder. He told us how he was pressured into drinking by friends and then while drunk his friends decided to rob some people and ended up killing someone, because he was there, he was also arrested, charged and later found guilty of a criminal act. He was sentenced to 20 years, his friends were sentenced to life, and he served 11 years and was paroled. The motivational aspect of his story is that even though he is a parolee he is not letting that fact bring him down instead he is using it for the greater good, by showing the younger generation the possible consequence of alcohol. Altogether everything went well we had lots of fun and learnt a lot.

By Mateta Nomfundo

St Matthews High School Visits Addo, Port Elizabeth – Columba Leadership Academy

During this past term on the 12th of February 2017, twelve learners from St Matthews High School visited Addo, Port Elizabeth. The twelve learners were chosen based on their essay that was written about “What would I like to change about my school, community and themselves”.

The 12 learners visited Columba Leadership Academy, learners learned about awareness, focus, creativity, integrity, perseverance and service as a leader. Quote of the day “Sharing resources selfishly and effectively, using your strength and experience to take meaningful action, let all contribute to the greater good”

Let us all activate the inner leader in ourselves as individuals, and remember we all have the potential to be a leader you just need to push in the right direction.

By Mbalentle Mafai Grade 11

LRC Leadership Training Session

Leaders are said to be nurtured  not born. With that said, it is alright for leaders or should I say future leaders who holds so much power unto their hands must be trained, given techniques and ways on how to lead the flock.

When the University of Fort Hare facilitators came for the leadership training session which was held at St. Matthews High School organized by Mr. Lwazi Mbambo and Mr. Siyanda Mqalo. We knew little about what leadership was and how to lead others. Mr. Thando Rulashe from UFH came with so much gravity, in a way He left everyone who attended the session “wowed” with a perspective that said, how much of a true leader am I and we must believe in our leadership skills, have morals, be honest to those who we lead and not forget that their input and voices needs to be heard. Leadership is not measured monetary but by the smiles that the leader leaves behind when they passes through. In these words I believe.

By: Maweza Luyolo

Model UN Debate (Partnering with St. Thomas Private School)

St Matthews High School, in conjunction with St. Thomas Private School, has been taking part in the Model United Nations Debate for the past six years. This is part of the extra-curricular activities initiated by Mr. Adabla. The following learners are representing the school and are mandated to represent Russia in the National Assembly: Khanya Sebone, Sibonise Gcilitshana, Sichumiso Sidzatane, Zikhona Gladile, Aphelele Michael Jaceni and Nonceba Mahola. They have been tasked to finding a resolution to the Syrian crisis by deducing an amicable means of resolving the war through peaceful dialogue. Richie, Dave and Isabelle from St Chad’s College in the UK are assisting with the collection of data and preparation towards the competition.

St. Thomas has been constantly visiting St. Matthews School in order to brainstorm the setup of the speeches etc. And St. Chad’s volunteers helping the learners out with everything and taking them throughout the whole process. It’s a very interesting form of debate which is highly educative; it takes the format of the proceedings in the National Assembly and held in the provincial legislature in Bhisho. About 260 schools representing 65 countries are expected to participate in this year’s competition and St. Matthew’s partnering with St. Thomas Private School are keen in making headway in this year’s competition. We wish them all the best in all their endeavours.

By: Sibonise Gcilitshana, Nonceba Mahola & Zikhona Gladile