Sifunda Kunye Writing Camp 2019.


During the weekend of the 23-25 August 2019, learners from five of Sifunda Kunye schools attended the annual writing camp at Sifunda Kunye literacy center at St Matthews High School in Keiskammahoek.

This year the theme/topic to write about was UBUNTU. Learners was  preparing for this weekend before they arrived at the camp.

The weekend was a huge success! The learners all completed their writing with inspiration from their peers , facilitators and quest speakers.

We would like to thank all that made this weekend possible.

We acknowledge our funder Mr Andrew Summers for making this weekend possible.



Sifunda Kunye Community reading club at St Matthews High School.


Reading club

We still have our reading club which takes place every Saturday at ST Matthew’s high school. We believe that reading and sharing stories can help a child get to know sound, words and language and develop early literacy skill, help child’s brain, social skills and communication skills development.

Our Sifunda Kunye Reading club is very well supported by our local community with a large and steady group of eager readers attendance.

One highlight during the term was our Easter competition and hunt.

Our reader are supported by our Sifunda Kunye grade 11 facilitators and guided by Sanga Mabulu from Sifunda Kunye.


Sifunda Kunye Reading Club facilitators 2019


Facilitator Training

Sifunda Kunye Literacy Centre

Dedicated student Volunteers with guidance and mentoring of full time staff from Sifunda Kunye run a impactful, successful, educational, caring, fun reading club every Saturday during school terms at St Matthews High School. If you have not yet visit our club, don’t miss out on term 3 Saturday Reading clubs.

We would like to thank the dedicated St Matthews High School volunteers and the Staff members from Sifunda Kunye Educational Project for the uplifting reading clubs during this past term.

A big thank you goes out to Sifunda Kunye for our toilet facilities that was build and added during term 2. Read more about it.

Book Club 2017