Sifunda Kunye Writing Clubs

Sifunda Kunye Writing Camp 2019


During the weekend of the 23-25 August 2019, learners from five of Sifunda Kunye schools attended the annual writing camp at Sifunda Kunye literacy center at St Matthews High School in Keiskammahoek.

This year the theme/topic to write about was UBUNTU. Learners was  preparing for this weekend before they arrived at the camp.

The weekend was a huge success! The learners all completed their writing with inspiration from their peers , facilitators and quest speakers.

We would like to thank all that made this weekend possible.

We acknowledge our funder Mr Andrew Summers for making this weekend possible.



Sifunda Kunye Sports Tournament 16 February 2019


Sifunda Kunye Sports Tournament

On Saturday the 16th February 2019, Sifunda Kunye hosted a sports tournament at the Zwelitsha sports grounds. Many schools that took part in the tournament, our school St Matthews’s High school also took part in the tournament.

The codes that were chosen to participate were Soccer and netball, it was only team A and B on both. The first Code that started playing was netball they did very well in both teams A and B. they even won second position, and received medals and certificates. Our soccer teams A and B did not win in the tournament, because the completion was tough although they did their best.

We then interviewed our very own young sports stars who took part in the tournament. We first had a chat with Lindokuhle Klaas a netball player, who said she was very excited that her team won in the tournament and she also said she wants to encourage others learners who think that they can not play netball to come and give it a try because it a great sport which allows travelling.

Then we talked with Imitha Ntoni who is one of our soccer stars. He told us that the team had a good time and enjoyed themselves during the tournament although the match they didn’t win. But next time they are promising that in the next tournament they are going to win however the match was tough.

All in all, a good time was had by everyone who was at the tournament.

Written by Asemahle Plaatyie and Ayakha Maliti


Adventurous Journey 8-10 March 2019.

Adventurous Journey

8-10 March 2019

Participants from Sifunda Kunye partner schools, Toise SSS, St Matthews High School, and  Hendrik Kanise Combined School took part in a 48 km hike during this weekend.

Participants were qualifying for their silver in The Presidents Awards level.


During our arrival at camp it was raining but we were determined to complete our camp and required km to qualify for our silver.

We hiked for 4km during the night walk, the following morning we hiked along the beach for 40 km and on the 3 day we hiked for 6 km.

This was a challenging hike, it rained the entire 3 days and 2 nights, all together it rained 124 mm during our camp, we were wet, tired but determined. We had to work together in teams to survive  the weekend. It took a lot of determination, teamwork, motivation and courage but we concurred and completed what we aimed to achieve.


Wi-Fi Launch 22 January 2019.

On the 22nd of January 2019 we at St Matthews celebrated our wifi that was installed on our campus at the end of 2018. The wifi scope coverage:

What an exciting and memorable event, the event was well supported with a special quest speaker from Sifunda Kunye Mr Ben Paullan, Board member all the way from America. Ben was also the person that kick started this project at St Matthews High School, ten year ago.

The student representative Milisa Mtoto also  thanked Sifunda Kunye for the wifi and the positive impact it will have and all the girls in the hostels and the school.


A short memorable video was made a placed on Sifunda Kunye facebook page and reached over 4200. To view the video like Sifunda Kunye Education Project facebook page.